All deleted tweets from politicians

Honoured to be MP for Central Ayrshire & will continue to help all constituents as well as supporting community groups & promoting local economy.

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RT @MiriamBrett: So the major conference announcement is that the UK Government is building half as many affordable homes as the Scottish Government?…

RT @MiriamBrett: RT @MiriamBrett: Knowingly forcing your own people in to debt, hunger, and homelessness is criminal, yet that is what the #UniversalCredit…

RT @WhichUK: We know people like to make an informed choice on the origin of their food. Clear labelling might seem like the solution but, sadly, it's not that simple. #SaveFoodStandards…

RT @Open_Britain: Theresa May just gave Donald Trump the green light to get his hands on our National Health Service. Nobody voted in 2016 for Britain to go cap in hand to Trump for a trade deal, or for our NHS to be privatised. Please RT so everybody knows the they can keep an open mind:

RT @tristangrayedi: RT @tristangrayedi: @Lilah_Davidson @theSNP @Dr_PhilippaW @snpayr Philippa is a great MP and I hope she is returned this election

RT @stclairvilla: @Dr_PhilippaW Joanna Cherry QC and MP has asked Priti Patel three times why there are absolutely no coronavirus controls at our borders. Zero response.

RT @PhantomPower14: RT @PhantomPower14: Excellent summary of why Scottish independence is surging from @MiriamBrett on #bbcqt

RT @Lyno45: RT @Lyno45: Which @theSNP Member demonstrates the highest academic standing outside of parliamentary work?

RT @mu11en: @Dr_PhilippaW as a nhsaa worker who supports you and voted for you i just want to say i have every faith in you to get us through independence. For the sake of my kids. Keep up the good work.