All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @JD_Hutton: RT @JD_Hutton: With @MeganLeslieHFX at room 12 to support the leap manifesto resolution. Delegates, get in here! #ndp2016 #yeg2016 https://…

RT @JD_Hutton: RT @JD_Hutton: .@ThomasMulcair can support young people by calling for a national debate on free tuition In his speech! RT if you agree! #…

RT @rjjago: RT @rjjago: White MP calls another MP racist. 9 December 1974. No expulsion.… 1

RT @rjjago: RT @rjjago: White MP calls another MP racist. 24 January 1983. No expulsion.… 4

RT @rjjago: RT @rjjago: White MP calls another MP racist. 22 January 1986. No expulsion.… 2

RT @rjjago: RT @rjjago: Many white MPs call another MP racist. 15 December 1987. No expulsion.… 3

RT @rjjago: RT @rjjago: Many white MPs calls another white MP racist. 19 May 1982. No expulsion.… 5

RT @WWFCanada: Good news! Applications for The Eco-Leadership Journey have been extended to September 27th. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to build your leadership and environmental skills. Apply here today:

RT @WWFCanada: Our #LPRC2020 shows Canada's wildlife is at-risk. Join our President and CEO, @MeganALeslie and our VP of Science, Knowledge and Innovation, @JDMSnider – as they unpack the report's key findings, and what we can do to protect, conserve and restore habitat so wildlife can thrive.

RT @WWFCA_SciComm: Northern leaders are β€œcalling for more protections for critical caribou calving grounds throughout the N.W.T. and Nunavut.” This follows our recent #LPRC2020, that noted many herds have declined by as much as 90% from their peak populations. via @CBCNews