All deleted tweets from politicians

Conseller d’@empresacat i @coneixementcat de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Professor d’Economia a la UB. Diputat al Parlament Europeu 2009-19.

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RT @Ed_Portic: Avui @ramontremosa presenta #CatalunyaPotènciaLogísticaNatural: ⏱️ Serà a les 19:00h. 📍 Al cafè del @teatrescorxador, #Lleida. 🗣️ Estarà presentada per #MariaÀngelsCabasés. Es pot seguir al canal de YouTube del @teatrescorxador. @Grup62 #Llegim

RT @CatalansForYes: MAJOR BREAKING: Pro-independence candidates take control of one of the main economic institutions of Catalonia after winning 32 of 40 seats in the elections to Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce,

RT @CatalansForYes: Madrid last night. Hundreds marching with fascist flags and commemorating the anniversary of the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. A EU member state. In 2018.

RT @CatalansForYes: RT @CatalansForYes: Valls vibrates with the Catalan national anthem and demands the release of political prisoners. Impressive! https://t.c…

RT @CatalansForYes: MAJOR BREAKING: Spanish Prosecutor's Office speaks against the Electoral Commission veto imposed on Monday and says Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and former ministers Comín and Ponsatí SHOULD be able to be candidates in the European elections,

RT @CatalansForYes: Brussels right now. Tomorrow we're going to let Juncker hear what Catalans want; freedom and democracy! #WakeUpEurope

RT @CatalansForYes: A month ago 2,2 million Catalans voted in the referendum, challenging unprecedented violence. We will never forget it.

RT @CatalansForYes: MAJOR BREAKING: Madrid court overturns the ban imposed by Spanish election officials against Catalan leaders Carles Puigdemont, Clara Ponsatí and Toni Comín and rules they have the fundamental right to contest the European elections.

RT @CatalansForYes: RT @CatalansForYes: Concert calling for the release of Catalan political prisoners in Barcelona. Impressive!

RT @CatalansForYes: Scottish trade unions call for 'immediate release and acquittal of all political prisoners' in Catalonia… via @TheCommonSpace