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Deputata al Parlamento UE 2014-19


Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

RT @FestivalesGCBA: ¡El día está para salir a disfrutarlo! 👩‍🎤A mover el esqueleto con Mariana Baggio Parque Centenario 19 h 🎬 Al cine en familia en Anfiteatro de Mataderos 20 h y Parque Patricios 21 h 🎬 Antojo de cine en Usina del Arte 21 h 👉Sur tropical con Djs y música en @usinadelarte 18/21 h

RT @FenS_fans: RT @FenS_fans: F&S zitten bij de politie (NRC, wo, 03-04-19) #FokSuk

Inga (unknown) retweeted @Valsts_policija :

RT @Valsts_policija: Valsts policijas Jūrmalas iecirknis meklē 2006. gadā dzimušo Oksanu Aļeiņikovu, kura šī gada 24. jūlijā ap pulksten 19.00 izgāja no bērnu nama ,,Sprīdītis” Jūrmalā un līdz šim brīdim nav atgriezusies:… #policijameklē

SNP invest £19 million of taxpayers’ money; one year later, it’s worth £6 million! SNP investments can go down as well as down.

RT @SolHughesWriter: Wes Streeting MPs £5000 gig for JP Morgan, doing a turn for the bad bank that hired Blair. From @M_Star_Online , 19/10/2017

RT @kevinmilligan: Final numbers on BC econ and fiscal situation for 18-19 fiscal year... * $1.5B surplus * debt to GDP 14.5% and shrinking. *GDP growth at (real) 2.4%. *Unemployment best in country at 4.7%. * wage growth (nominal) at **5.9%** (holy cow!) That is going to be hard to top.…

RT @zbiramfoto: RT @zbiramfoto: Кога ќе ми текне дека сакаше да се кандидира за претседател. Од 19 години да си "извор" - не е мала работа.…

RT @Drury7Drury: RT @Drury7Drury: Loonie left say 19 is very young and immature but in the same breath they want immature voters of 16.

RT @disruptivesigna: In Question (7/1/19) Yellow Vests Face Violence @georgegalloway @ManilaChan @InQuestionRT Manila Chan talks to Former UK MP George Galloway on the Yellow Vest protesters meeting violence with the police