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Deputata al Parlamento UE 2014-19


Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

RT @pierredevos: RT @pierredevos: Western Cape Covid-19 cases peak with room to spare… via @BusinessLiveSA

RT @michaelsavage: Story on the expert minutes that @LawDavF was tweeting about a few days ago - threat of Covid-19 still placed at "moderate" to UK on Feb 21.…

RT @arielbogle: Instagram's algorithm in action in the age of COVID-19. On a fresh account, I can quickly go from wellness influencer to anti-vax to anti-lockdown to Qanon pages, just by following “suggested for you”. A little accompaniment to our piece yesterday:…

RT @arielbogle: Call for misinformation and health researchers: is anyone out there tracking social media narratives around COVID-19 and "miracle cures". And related, the politicisation of some unproven treatments, like hydroxychloroquine? I would love to speak to you! 🙏🙏

RT @arielbogle: Here's a reality check on the head lice drug Ivermectin. Another COVID-19 treatment getting a lot of support recently from Craig Kelly and Sky News among others on Facebook. Once again, science takes time. Most drugs fails.

RT @MongolDiplomacy: Гадаад Харилцааны сайд Д.Цогтбаатар@TsogtbaatarD “Бүс ба Замын олон улсын хамтын ажиллагаа: Ковид-19-тэй эв санааны нэгдэлтэйгээр тэмцэх нь" сэдэвт өндөр түвшний видео хуралд оролцов.

RT @NE_CABA: Junto al Comité Solidario de la Comuna, seguimos reforzando los operativos en viviendas con casos confirmados de #COVIDー19 💪🇦🇷

RT @arrosabanda: RT @arrosabanda: En 1833 Javier de Burgos va endevinar les pautes de transmissió del Covid-19 i en conseqüència va crear el gloriós mapa pr…

RT @IMBalaiLLzai: Message from PTM's leader @Aliwazirna50 about having been tested positive for COVID-19. He is fine and is going to get a second test done. @a_siab @FarhatullahB @RehamKhan1 #CoronavirusPandemic

RT @LabourVault: RT @LabourVault: This week 19 years ago, Labour won its second landslide in a row. Here are some of the results ⤵️