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Deputata al Parlamento UE 2014-19


Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

@CathyYoung63 @ffgqc @holland_tom It was also where the Oxford Campaign for an Independent Briton was founded in 1990 - the beginning of Brexit.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

My first time in Chicago since I was 19 (when my enduring memory was of strict enforcement of the underage drinking rules). What a city! If you can't see the beauty in markets - I don't mean as an abstract theory, I mean actual physical beauty - you're not looking hard enough.

RT @DanielJHannan: Jewish? Interested in the Brexit issue? In London on 19 March? Come and listen to my debate with Lord Adonis.…

Finally back home, 19 hours after leaving London. Apologies to @sfliberty - I’m not going to be able to make your panel. The next flight should, though, get me there before your dinner tomorrow.

RT @MAM12CP: RT @MAM12CP: I have just commemorated Corporal William Aspinall… He was just 19

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: EU-China share of world GDP (PPP) 1980 EU: 30% China: 2% 2014 EU: 17% China: 16.5% 2019 EU: 15% China: 19% https://t…

RT @charlesfifield: RT @charlesfifield: 19 Apr 1839: The Treaty of London guarantees Belgian neutrality. German invasion in 1914 brought UK into the war. https…

RT @uniforbritain: RT @uniforbritain: "#ImLeaveBecause it's safer to have a relationship of trade & cooperation" -Aron, 19, Kendal

RT @uniforbritain: RT @uniforbritain: "#ImLeaveBecause the £350m a week we'll save can stop cuts to essential services" -Sarah, 19, London South Bank Uni http…