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Deputata al Parlamento UE 2014-19


Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

RT @WPBLincolnshire: 2 student nurses from Grimsby joining NHS frontline to fight Covid-19 holding down multiple jobs and £60k in debt. The Goverment should inmediately write off studen debt for nurses! and all student debt down the line! #CutTheDebt #Grimsby #WorkersPartyGB…

RT @Henrik0707: This is coming from a doctor who is getting the Covid-19 virus in her face all day every day. Please do what she says. If not, this will be WW3, but we will all be up against an invisible enemy.

RT @georgegalloway: #MOATS | POLL “What will be the impact of President Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis? Will he ...” Or have your say in the comments below and I’ll try and read them out in the show! Please RT/share for as wide a response as possible. Watch @MoatsTV live:

RT @RT_sputnik: TODAY | Your evening’s viewing starts at 19:30 and there’s always the late show at 23:30/BST @georgegalloway Watch 🌎…

RT @Johnludds: 19 February 1958. A dreadful silence greeted the naming of Manchester United's team over the loudspeaker, broken only by sobbing. ''Gregg, Foulkes, Greaves, Goodwin, Cope, Crowther, Webster, Taylor, Dawson, Pearson, Brennan.'' Despite all, United were still alive.

RT @sahouraxo: 19 children were slaughtered in their sleep in #Yemen by Saudi Arabia. The same hypocrites who cry crocodile tears out of faux concern for civilian lives in #Syria’s #Idlib, are arming and enabling Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen. Let that sink in.…

RT @GavDWorker: @Conservatives your capitalist system has crashed during athe Covid 19 pandemic. Socialism is the answer to all this! We need to bring utilities under public ownership and even consider nationalisation of BA as well. Free markets don’t work....

RT @SolHughesWriter: Wes Streeting MPs £5000 gig for JP Morgan, doing a turn for the bad bank that hired Blair. From @M_Star_Online , 19/10/2017

RT @sahouraxo: BREAKING: Israel bombed #Syria’s Damascus from #Lebanon’s airspace. Even as the world fights the #COVIDー19 pandemic, Israel doesn’t take a break from terrorizing the Syrian and Lebanese peoples in the early hours of the morning as they’re sleeping. Where is the global uproar?

RT @c2des: China sends aid to Italy to help with Covid-19. The EU sends a man in a grey suit with a fine for millions for breaking sacred EU spending rules. Never mind humanity. Rules are rules! All hail economics!