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Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

The SNP have rejected proposals to launch a taskforce to speed up the Covid-19 vaccination programme. In the debate today we said a vaccine taskforce should be launched to speed up the rollout. Daily doses are now below the peaks of last week.

RT @DennisEmmen: HULP GEZOCHT DUS RT GRAAG!! Ik ben op zoek naar de man die op zondag 8sep'19 tussen 18:00 en 19:00 uur de eerste hulp bij mijn beroerte heeft verstrekt, bij onderstaand tankstation aan de A9 t.h.v Amstelveen. Iemand die zich in de situatie herkend? Neem contact op aub #Amsterdam

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RT @Finmin: RT @Finmin: Nozaru ministrijas apzina uzņēmumu iemeslus nepietiekties Covid-19 krīzes atbalstam…

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Any checkpoints set up in response to the community case of COVID-19 in Northland must be lawfully mandated by the Government, with police officers present. We don’t want a situation where private citizens take the law into their own hands.…

RT @mrenau: Mi actividad pública en enero: 19-22 seminario presencial en @FundLuisSeoane A Coruña…, 22 proyección en @cgaifilmoteca A Coruña… y 28 conferencia en el curso sobre Walter Benjamin de @ihbcn @cececebe Barcelona…

RT @proyecto_43_2: ⚠️ATENCIÓN⚠️ Las funciones de #Imasurvivor en @salamirador de Madrid serán todas a las 19:00 horas para cumplir con las restricciones actuales de la CAM. Las entradas continúan a la venta aquí 👉… ¡Os esperamos!

Allí se abordaron temáticas ligadas a la recuperación de la crisis post COVID-19 y el fortalecimiento de los ministerios para hacer frente a los cambios emergentes. 👉…

RT @Europarl_EN: Currently, there are two Covid-19 vaccines authorised for use in the EU. Both are based on mRNA technology. How do they work? Check in the video ⬇️

RT @JILLSLASTWORD: Thank you to every healthcare worker battling #COVIDー19 working around the clock to help keep us safe. As someone said, while 95% of us are practicing social distancing they - especially nurses (who are disproportionately women!) are walking right into it. #COVID19 #onpoli

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.@azzimomen and @MazzucatoM in @nytopinion: Big pharma will gouge American taxpayers on a COVID-19 vaccine—unless the system gets fixed.…