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Deputata al Parlamento UE 2014-19


Former Member of Parliament for Watford (2010-19)

An even more important anniversary today. It was precisely 19 years ago, in a small Berkshire church, that a young woman was asked whether she would marry me. She said “I will”.

@CathyYoung63 @ffgqc @holland_tom It was also where the Oxford Campaign for an Independent Briton was founded in 1990 - the beginning of Brexit.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

My first time in Chicago since I was 19 (when my enduring memory was of strict enforcement of the underage drinking rules). What a city! If you can't see the beauty in markets - I don't mean as an abstract theory, I mean actual physical beauty - you're not looking hard enough.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Jewish? Interested in the Brexit issue? In London on 19 March? Come and listen to my debate with Lord Adonis.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

The Leave campaign shit up shop 19 months ago. The Remain campaign has been going full tilt ever since. And it has made no difference to public opinion.…

Finally back home, 19 hours after leaving London. Apologies to @sfliberty - I’m not going to be able to make your panel. The next flight should, though, get me there before your dinner tomorrow.

Sure enough, 46% of Catalans want more autonomy within Spain, against 29% who want total independence and 19% who want the status quo.

I have been working for this day since I was 19. Now what?…

"We're practical folk in Yorkshire," says @AmjadBashirMEP. "We'd rather spend our £19 billion than pass it through middlemen in Brussels".